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Designer Jewelry


Designing and making artificial jewelry required fine work with lots of efforts and the process was not any easy task. Making the jewelry required more than one craftsman and the process was not an easy one.The frame for each piece of jewelry is made with hollow parts to hold the gemstones.Glue like substance called lac is poured into each hole.

Online Jewellery


Some jewelry stores may use artificial gemstones, flawed diamonds and less content of gold in the Kundan pieces they sell. To avoid being duped by such jewelry sellers make sure you have a basic knowledge of diamonds, gold and gemstones.Only purchase Kundan jewelry if it’s been certified to be made of authentic gold, diamonds, gemstones, etc.Another popular way of checking whether the jewelry is not real is to hold a magnet against it. If the jewelry sticks to magnet then it’s not authentic.Gold that turns green or black after it’s been worn awhile is not authentic but fake.