Womens Churidar Suits, Pakistani Anarkali Churidar Online, Wedding Churidar Suits

What are the varieties of Churidar Suits available for women Online?

Womens Churidar Suits

Women are the icon of dressing uniquely and elegantly. Women like to wear dresses with traditional looks and yet comfortable. Churidar Suits are one of the best options for women to look ethnic and trendy too. Churidar is a lower pant which is loose at top and tight from knees to bottom. This is generally longer than the size required so that at end makes few folds which look like bangles in Hindi chudi that is the reason for the name. This lower can be worn with suit which is a long shirt .These suits are body fit and can be short, long or very long depends upon the choice of the wearer. Churidars are made best with cotton fabrics or with stretchable cloths. In this dress a dupatta is to add grace and beauty. These dresses are worn by women all around the world.

Designer Churidar Suits


Indian Designer Churidar Suits are in market with good demand from everywhere. As theses dresses are originally from India so one can always get best made in India. These dresses are accepted worldwide. These dresses are made with high quality of fabrics like cotton, silk, Georgette, crepe, velvet, net, crepe, viscose, etc. These dresses are made with the innovative ideas of designers which made it unique and people like it. Designers decorate it with embroidery by silk thread, zari, gota, stones, etc. These dresses are really different in style and cuts from others and youngsters and other women love it.

Pakistani Anarkali Churidar Online


Pakistani Anarkali Churidar Online is a royal dress and in great demand from everywhere. As we know that Pakistan is a traditional country and women wear these types of cloths. Anarkali is a long umbrella style suit wear with Churidars pant and with duppata also. These Dress name is given from a history of Mughal Period named Anarkali a courtesan named who was beautiful and her dressing were well known.

Wedding Churidar Suits


Wedding Churidar Suits are the fashionable dress for weddings in which women look very pretty and appealing. These dresses are comfortable too and are available in all bright colors. These attires are made in mind that it is for weddings so it is decorated with beautiful embroidery. Designers leave no effort to use their creativity to design these dress in order to make one of the most memorial dress of wedding bride for her most important day of her life.

Online Churidar suits


Online Churidar suits are available in all sizes, colors and work. These are at reasonable prices.


Churidar Suits Online | Indian Designer Churidar Suits | Wedding Churidar Suits

What are the different varieties of Churidar Suits available online?


 Churidar Suits Online


God’s most beautiful creature on the earth is Woman. Women love to dress up and wear dresses which look ethnic too. So, modern era women most comfortable and trendy dress is Churidar Suit which is wear from a long time. Earlier also women and girls use to wear Churidar Suits and Today also but now and then many designs and style change according to the fashion. Churidar is a lower which is loose at top and fit from the knee till end. It is generally stitched longer than the size of the person so that at bottom few folds become which look like bangles or chudi that’s why its name given Churidar. Churidar can be worn with short kameez or suit means a short shirt. Churidar can be also worn with long suit or Anarkali suit. On this dress a duppatta may or may not accompany depends totally on the wearer.


Indian Designer Churidar Suits

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Indian Designer Churidar Suits are the most demanded by women of all age group. As one knows the Indian Dresses have their traditional look and shows best craftsmanship. Many Designers are engaged in designing Churidar Suit because this is in fashion so youngsters, working women, actress and high class women love to wear Indian Designer Churidar Suit. In these dresses one thing is very good that each one is unique and can’t find the same anywhere else. As we know that all women love to look elegant and unique in some ways so Designer suits help them in doing so. These Suits are made of high quality fabrics like cotton, south silk, georgette, chiffon, velvet, viscose, crepe, net, etc. Churidars of many designs like straight fit in which without any folds, other is with few folds, others with many folds, churidars with elastic for fitting form knees to bottom, Churidars with prints or plain and with embroidery or stone embellished on it. Churidar is also stitched with stretchable clothes so that it gives wonderful fitting throughout.

Pakistani Anarkali Churidar

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Pakistani Anarkali Churidar is very popular dress not in Pakistan only but also in other countries. Pakistain believe in their culture and traditional values. Pakistani Anarkali Churidar is the most common and liked dress by all age group of women there. Anarkali is a long umbrella or frock style suit with short or long sleeves or it can be sleeveless also. Anarkali Suit with embroidery at neck or at bottom and embroidery can be at back also. Embroidery on sleeves also looks beautiful amd make it royal. Anarkali name came from Mughal Period where a courtesan named Anarkali a girl who was famous because of her beauty and dressing. Anarkali suit look elegant with Churidar and Duppatta is a complete classy dress. Currently velvet and net combination Anarkali Churidars are in trend.

Wedding Churidar Suits

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Wedding Churidar Suits are the new choice of Brides for their wedding Dress. Wedding Dress is very important for Bride, their family and for the Designer who design it as we know many emotions and tradition attach to it. So Designers also want to give their best to make the Bride the most pretty and unique. Wedding Churidar are made with great care and with best quality things like their rich fabrics, great collection of stones, zari, gotta and pearls embellished on it. Wedding Churidar Suits are popular in India, Pakistain and other countries too. Earlier in India mostly on wedding Sarees were worn but as time is changing and women want more comfortable and time saving dress wear select Churidar Suits.

Designer Suits

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Online Churidar Suits are very popular around so one can have a look on Andaaz Fashion  and browse through various different designs and styles of churidaar dressing and select the best as per individual liking.