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What do we understand by Bangles?

 Designer Bridal Bangles

The most beautiful creature God made on earth is Woman and to enhance her beauty man made many jewelries and one of the important is Bangles. Bangles are worn by all age group of women and many types too. In India Bangles have traditional value as well as medicinal value means acupressure point in hand. Bangles are other names like Chudi, Kangan, Bala, Lahthi, etc. Bangles are made of different materials like glass which is mostly used and others are gold, silver, ceramic, lac, metals, stone, pearls, etc. Bangles are especially mandatory to wear after marriage. Bangles are available in various colors and women love to wear matching with their attire.


Indian Bangles are famous around the world and holds ethnic look. In India Bangles are available in every region with a different variety. For example in Asian Glass is very prominent, West India Lac Bangles are available, South India Pearl and gold Bangles are famous. In India Bangles are worn between wrists and arm. Even children love to wear bangles and variety of bangles are available of them glass bangles, metal bangles of different shapes like square, triangles and many more designer bangles .The trendy look Bangles are called bracelet which can be made of different types of metals, stones, pearls, etc.

Handmade Bangles


Handmade Bangles are very popular in India and around world. People working in this field are around country. Handmade Bangles are unique and trendy with ethnic look too. These Bangles are extra hand crafted with different materials like mirrors, stones, pearls, kundan, etc. Handmade Bangles are popular in youngsters with many different shapes and designs. These give elegant and rare look to the wearer. In India and Pakistan Chuda a type of Bangles is common which is made of siip a type of plastic. These are really important for new Bride.

Crystal Bangles


Crystal Bangles are the most common and important regarding traditional value. These Bangles are made up of glass and plastic so it gives a different look. These Bangles are available in all colors with different cuts and designs. Women love to wear it her matching dress and they also wear it with Kangan. Crystal Bangles also give a different sound as it is made of glass. These are most ancient type of Bangles. In India wearing Crystal Bangles are mandatory after marriage in both hands.

Online Bangles


Online Bangles are available on many websites but great collection with let us designs are available on online shopping portals like