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Designing and making artificial jewelry required fine work with lots of efforts and the process was not any easy task. Making the jewelry required more than one craftsman and the process was not an easy one.The frame for each piece of jewelry is made with hollow parts to hold the gemstones.Glue like substance called lac is poured into each hole.

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Some jewelry stores may use artificial gemstones, flawed diamonds and less content of gold in the Kundan pieces they sell. To avoid being duped by such jewelry sellers make sure you have a basic knowledge of diamonds, gold and gemstones.Only purchase Kundan jewelry if it’s been certified to be made of authentic gold, diamonds, gemstones, etc.Another popular way of checking whether the jewelry is not real is to hold a magnet against it. If the jewelry sticks to magnet then it’s not authentic.Gold that turns green or black after it’s been worn awhile is not authentic but fake.

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What do we understand by Bangles?

 Designer Bridal Bangles

The most beautiful creature God made on earth is Woman and to enhance her beauty man made many jewelries and one of the important is Bangles. Bangles are worn by all age group of women and many types too. In India Bangles have traditional value as well as medicinal value means acupressure point in hand. Bangles are other names like Chudi, Kangan, Bala, Lahthi, etc. Bangles are made of different materials like glass which is mostly used and others are gold, silver, ceramic, lac, metals, stone, pearls, etc. Bangles are especially mandatory to wear after marriage. Bangles are available in various colors and women love to wear matching with their attire.


Indian Bangles are famous around the world and holds ethnic look. In India Bangles are available in every region with a different variety. For example in Asian Glass is very prominent, West India Lac Bangles are available, South India Pearl and gold Bangles are famous. In India Bangles are worn between wrists and arm. Even children love to wear bangles and variety of bangles are available of them glass bangles, metal bangles of different shapes like square, triangles and many more designer bangles .The trendy look Bangles are called bracelet which can be made of different types of metals, stones, pearls, etc.

Handmade Bangles


Handmade Bangles are very popular in India and around world. People working in this field are around country. Handmade Bangles are unique and trendy with ethnic look too. These Bangles are extra hand crafted with different materials like mirrors, stones, pearls, kundan, etc. Handmade Bangles are popular in youngsters with many different shapes and designs. These give elegant and rare look to the wearer. In India and Pakistan Chuda a type of Bangles is common which is made of siip a type of plastic. These are really important for new Bride.

Crystal Bangles


Crystal Bangles are the most common and important regarding traditional value. These Bangles are made up of glass and plastic so it gives a different look. These Bangles are available in all colors with different cuts and designs. Women love to wear it her matching dress and they also wear it with Kangan. Crystal Bangles also give a different sound as it is made of glass. These are most ancient type of Bangles. In India wearing Crystal Bangles are mandatory after marriage in both hands.

Online Bangles


Online Bangles are available on many websites but great collection with let us designs are available on online shopping portals like

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Which Is The Best Online Store To Get Newest Collection Of Indian Costume Jewellery In Latest Jewellery Designs At Most Competitive Prices?

Eid Indian costume jewellery, Art Jewelleries, Women bridal necklace set


jewellery is indeed a significant part of the overall fashion attire and are preferred by every women to enhance visual appeal of their fashionable outfits. Understanding this requirement, we, at Andaaz fashion, proffer an exclusive range of Indian fashion jewellery at most competitive price ranges. We are a UK based online store offering an extensive range of Indian fashion apparel along with a stylish collection of jewellery, accessories, bags, etc. Our stylish jewellery collection is indeed quite popular among customers on an international level to remarkably enhance their overall charisma and help them win lots of compliments from others. A wide collection is available at our online shopping store which includes necklaces, bangles, earrings and rings. You can browse through online collection displaying an assorted range of fashionable jewellery which is creatively designed keeping in mind Indian traditional creativity as well as contemporary style and grace.

Indian Costume Jeweller

Our Indian costume jewellery is indeed an ideal option for you to choose to enhance your looks and overall persona. Various different stylish pieces are available in our collection, which are suitable to be worn at different occasions such as parties, weddings, formal events as well as on a regular basis. You can choose your favorite pieces as per your requirement and flaunt on different occasions in front of others. Different jewellery pieces are uniquely designed keeping in mind the conventional Indian ethnicity and traditional style in mind. Further, newest designer patterns are also beautifully incorporated in different pieces to further enhance your aura and provide you a stunning look. Our jewellery designers indeed draw inspiration from rich cultural values and traditions of India and this reflects in our designs and patterns.


Our latest jewellery designs indeed display a perfect amalgamation of traditional and contemporary style and creativity. Various pieces are exquisitely designed in exotic patterns and intricate artwork. Different jewellery pieces are beautifully designed in attractive patterns with perfect finish. Various pieces are made from finest quality and glistening silver and golden metals which are studded with shimmering crystals and stones. Various color options are also available for you to choose from. So, you can choose your preferred jewellery in the color which matches with your outfits. In this way, you can remarkably enhance visual appeal of your dresses by wearing matching earrings, necklaces, bangles, etc. and win lot of compliments for your style and charisma.

Latest Jewellery Designs

You can sort out jewellery by selecting your required category, whether it is necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, etc. Keeping in mind your budgetary requirements, we offer an extensive collection which is available in a wide range of prices. So you can buy jewellery according to your requirement and budget. Further, we have also provided numerous color options so that you can always be sure to get jewellery in the color shade which suits your dresses perfectly. You can filter your search by selecting your required color shades and in this way you can save your valuable time. You can also get your favorite jewellery according to your required size as numerous options are available online. You can also check our online new arrivals section to get latest jewellery designs which are recently introduced by our designers keeping in mind newest trends. Numerous online discount offers are also available which adds to our increasing popularity among customers on an international level. so, quickly visit our website and order for your preferred Indian costume jewellery as per your preferred designer patterns and favorite color combination and required sizes.


Andaaz fashion is indeed best online shopping store, which offers exclusive collection of Indian costume jewellery, which are beautifully conceptualized as per latest jewellery designs and available at reasonable prices

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Eid Designer Jewellery

Who is the best seller of Wish necklace and Tribal necklace worldwide?

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Jewellery has always been in demand and the fashion for jewellery accessories can never fade out. Here at Andaaz Fashion, we offer an extensive collection of high class designed necklaces which are made of dazzling gemstones, coral, amber and precious metals, shells and beads and ready to wear for personal adornment. You can browse our online section of jewellery with alluring accessories and order for your loved ones in few steps. You can browse our website and can have a view of our wide exclusive collection. Various necklaces offered in your collection are unique and different which gives an elite feeling to the wearer.

Wish Necklace

Women have been the consistent wearers of jewellery and the trends keep on changing with this the women gets a wide variety of jewellery every next month. We at Andaaz Fashion follow fashion trends and provide our customers with various varieties. We have a wide section of jewellery within which we cover every part of the accessories starting from head to toe. Our online Wish necklace and Tribal necklace collection is indeed gaining popularity worldwide. You can click on individual neckpieces, rings, bangles, earrings and other impressive accessories to have full details including price, material used, available color option etc.

Designer Jewellery Collection 2018

Our web portal of Wish necklace and Tribal necklace are on the hit list for our respected customers that come in wide range of trendy long necklaces to funky and charming neck pieces. We provide the collection of Fashion designers who are best known for their whimsical and feminine designs. These jewelleries are very much popular among the youngsters which give them striking look. The long chains with fascinating pendants or lockets give the neck piece a captivating pattern and if it is further studded with dazzling stones, it leaves a person mesmerizing. Top designers being the first rated fashion designers exclusively design these necklaces keeping in mind the fashion trends and updates and brings out the best of all collection. Soothing and charismatic accessories like Wish necklace and Peace necklace is the choice of every next person and we being the provider of this exclusive range makes it available in pleasing color including Blue, Leopard, Multi, Silver, Golden or white. You can easily search from various options available. We have a list of regional, ethnic and tribal necklace with rounded domes alternating spikes in antique silver plate or antique brass plate adding on as a topping for tribal beauties.

Tribal And Wish Necklace

You can also try our collection of wish necklaces which is made from par excellence quality with precious gemstones in various fetching patterns or combinations. Make a wish and put on your necklace, each time you put on your necklace, reminds yourself of your wish. You can chose from various patterns like heart, skull, key, wishbone, peace, sign, bow, cross and much more. You can wear them in parties or casually to give yourself an appealing look. You can go through our new arrivals section to find the best compatible accessory matching your party wear. Moreover you can get exciting deals and can make best use these exciting offers and even get your favorite neck piece on discounted rates. Different Tribal and Wish necklace can be worn both in formal occasions or weddings. So, if you are looking for an online shopping website offering jewellery at reasonable prices, then quickly visit our website and order for your favorite neckpieces and accessories.


Andaaz fashion offers an exclusive and alluring range of high-class wear Jewellery and accessories including Tribal necklace and wish necklace made of precious gemstones and available in striking designs and color patterns.

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Pearl Necklace

Limpid and Brilliant Crystal Jewelry | Pearl Necklace | Necklace Jewelry | Brass Jewelry

Crystal jewelry is generally the title reserved for items made out of natural quartz crystals. Nevertheless Crystal is also getting produced nowadays and some manufacturers these kinds of as Swarovski have turn into extremely well-known in performing so. As considerably as Normal Crystals go, their normal splendor is increased with the assist of additional shades and finishes.

Crystal jewellery

Swarvoski as stated previously mentioned is the oldest and most acknowledged identify in Crystal jewellery in the entire world right now. The house of Swarovski is an Austrian based mostly family members business which spans 4 generations. Their endeavor started out with Daniel Swarvoski, who invented a sophisticated crystal chopping equipment in 1892 which revolutionized the Crystal industry. Today, even a hundred several years soon after heralding a new period in Crystal creating technological innovation, Swarovski crystals are nonetheless deemed the most lovely Crystals about with substantial top quality, brilliance and hearth. Swarovski Crystals are used in jewellery objects ranging from marriage ceremony, engagement rings to pendants, earrings and bracelets.

Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals come in a variety of colours and shades. These selection from white to blue, crimson, eco-friendly, black and even grey. White shade Swarovskis are greatest utilised in inexpensive wedding ceremony/ engagement/ anniversary jewellery even though fancier shades go well on relaxed or social gathering put on. A single fairly fascinating coloration that some Swarvoski crystals come in is cantaloupe which can change its color from pink to green to grey relying on which angle the man or woman sees it from. Swarvoski also helps make Crystal beads which have an Aurora Borealis (AB) complete, The AB complete gives the Crystal a rainbow like look within. You should also know that Swarvoski crystals consists of at the very least 32% direct and the AB end can support increase the prismatic impact that these kinds of Crystals have.


Crystal, like other gemstones is cut into numerous well-known styles and sizes like spherical brilliant, princess lower, marquis lower, heart minimize etc. Even so a lot of lapidaries also determine to consider out their own creativity and have arrive up with magnificent styles and cuts, all of these are classed under a single title i.e. fancy lower. Aside from this numerous distinct kinds of crystal beads have been developed for different vogue equipment as effectively ranging from necklace pendants to solitaire rings.


Jewelry is the most prized possession in a women’s kitty. With the passing times the selection of the jewellery is likely modern from conventional. Ladies are obtaining a lot more and far more fascinated towards the trendy costume jewellery that can be worn on any occasion with any type of clothes.

The advertising as nicely as the promotion of the crystal jewellery has added far more to its reputation. The diamonds will stay in the exact same spot in the marketplace, in spite of all the accessible substitutes in the industry.


The crystal jewellery is less expensive than the diamonds and can be afforded very easily by everyone. Their resemblance to diamond has also increased the desire in the industry. Long gone are these times when most of the concentrate was on gold and gold ornaments. Now, men and women are obtaining far more cautious about style and matching the operating trend developments. They are typically employed as company items these kinds of as tie-pins, customized cuff links and a lot of much more.