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Let your hair, shine bright like a diamond

India has come a long way when it comes to fashion. The trends and styles that are doing the rounds these days have revolutionized the face of looking beautiful not only among youngsters but women of all ages. Today going to a saloon is not restricted only to get a good hair style but also to get ready for a romantic date or your engagement ceremony. And when it comes to having a shiny and a healthy mane, it is important to take care of them right since beginning. After all, hair is the crowning glory of the person.

There was a time when getting your hair done for an important occasion meant oiling it a day before and washing it with a lovely concoction made of herbal products only to braid it in a different style, decorated with lovely flowers. With tremendous change in everything around, styling your Indian hair is in fact an art form in itself. Whether you want to wear your hair up or down for whatever special occasion there are dime a dozen methods of making it look superb. You can accessorize them with hair scarves, bandanas, clips, tic-toc clips, hair bands, bang bands and bejeweled clips that stand out when you adorn them.

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Whether it’s for a party or for a wedding, there is plenty of choices where from you can pick depending on the length of the hair and the occasion you are attending. Indian hair jewelry like the classic Maang Tikas or Crystal Bindi Hair clip and the Paasa are among the must-have for an Indian woman. These comes in all shapes and sizes, beautifully decorated with beads, or semi-precious stones as well as gold and diamond which makes your hair look classy and elegant. Something like a heavy Gold maatha Patti is the current rage among Indian brides.